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The resume is the single most important piece of documentation in your job search. It introduces you to the employer, gives networking contacts a tool to promote you, allows committees to evaluate your viability for a position . . . you simply cannot afford to be without a resume if you are looking for work. And you certainly can't afford to have a poor resume! Don't wait any longer to have your resume professionally developed.

At Prototype Career Service, the resume service includes

  • An in-person (or telephone) meeting to discuss your experience, training and skills as well as your job search strategy and current job goals
  • An analysis of the best resume format, style and emphasis, including the possibility of using addenda
  • Development of your resume, including a draft process that includes your feedback
  • A printed resume package that includes copies on high quality paper, with matching envelopes and stationery. The package also includes clean originals for faxing or photocopying.
  • A complimentary set of the Pocket Job Series books

Plus! One of our most popular features:

Every resume product created by Prototype Career Service is catalogued and stored permanently in our archives for your convenience. Wherever you are in the world, we can send you a copy of your resume, update your information, or even send resumes to specific employers at your request. It's like having a lifetime personal assistant!


The standard resume package is $445. Additional fees for addenda or hourly services (such as cover letter writing) are optional. Future revisions are completed at an hourly rate, which is currently $145. Payment is accepted via cash, check, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard.

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